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About Us

"Moskvoretsky House of Audit" Group established in 1995 in Moscow region as the company provided audit and tax advisory services. The founders are graduates with the first higher technical education (MEPhI, MPEI), what allowed them to become certified specialists in the accounting and taxation in a short time.

Increasing number of our clients led to the need for providing other services, so our Clients received without being distracted by secondary issues, in one place the services they needed promptly - such as coordinating lawyers, accountants, HR managers and couriers actions. So to the list of services added bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, legal and HR recording.

In 2014 we launched startup - the online service "Explanations for Financial Statements Designer" (, designed to prepare online explanations for financial statements to the accounting reports, its promotion is engaged in a group of auditors, "GK MDA" LLC (Member of the Russian self-regulatory organization of auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo", ORNZ 11306026247).

During the time structure of group has become more complex, departments have gradually emerged in areas of their activities. Establishing of new departments, their interaction proceeded organically, based on business needs.

At the beginning, only a few people worked in the organization, today 46 experienced professional experts with legal and business education work in two comfortable offices, including 10 top certified auditors and 5 top certified professional accountants. Most of them have been working more than 10 years with us.

All employees of our team working in the offices.

We prefer not to work with freelance accountants, as they are very difficult to control. We always maintain exchange of knowledge and relevant information within our team.

Our clients always have unlimited access to our accountants by phone or email.

If you have urgent questions it's easy to arrange face to face meeting in our office. Our office is well located to save the time.

Our aim is always to deliver reliable, efficient and agile service and add real value to our Clients business or organization.

We specialize in the following services:

  • accounting, including bookkeeping and payroll services;
  • initiative and statutory audit;
  • maintenance and audit of HR records;
  • advice on taxation, accounting and various legal issues;
  • legal services, including registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs.

MDA is a member of the Self-Regulatory Organization of Auditors Russian Union of Auditors MDA is a member of the Russian Union of Auditors - Association "Sodruzhestvo" (Self-Regulatory Organization of Auditors – abbreviated SRO). MDA is registered in the Register of Auditors and Auditing Organizations of Self-Regulatory Audit Organizations by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation under the number - 11306026247. It should be noted that the compulsory licensing of auditing activities in Russian Federation was canceled from January 1, 2009, in connection with the entry into force of Law No. 307-FZ "On Auditing Activities".

Moskvoretsky House of Audit get certified the quality control of the services provided by the SRO Russian Board of Auditors In October 2016, GK "Moskvoretsky House of Audit" successfully passed the quality control of the services provided: the rules of internal quality control of work and the effectiveness of the internal control of organization were considered sufficient to meet the requirements of the federal law No. 307-FZ "On Auditing" and the Code of Professional Ethics of Auditors by the SRO "Russian Board of Auditors" .



The lead accounting company "Kompleksnoe bukhgalterskoye soprovozhdenie" (abbreviated KBS), LLC accompanies the activities of client organization and specializing in the following services:

  • comprehensive accounting support;
  • zero balance reporting;
  • accounting recovery services;
  • legal support;
  • performing as the executive body of enterprises (on the basis of the relevant agreement) in the absence of the Director General.


We pay special attention to our accounting services improvement. We work with both large and small clients globally. Our aim is always to add real value to their business or organization. As a result, we defined the concept - Comprehensive Accounting Support - the basic meaning we put into this is that the Clients promptly receives the solution of most of issues related to their businesses.

We are consistent and reliable in many years of experience of financial audit. In addition to the formal function of confirming the reliability of financial statements, we always try to identify risks that arise for the Client in his activities (tax, legal, etc.) and promptly prevent their possible implementation.

Our HR recordings specialists are experts in the labor legislation of the Russian Federation and professionals in practical office work, ranging from the issues of formalizing labor relations to permanent personnel support of the labor process for any organization types.


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